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Tunnelform is a unique poured-in-place concrete construction technique patented by Outinord Universal Company, Inc. of France. Using the system, walls and slab are poured simultaneously in “tunnels” to potentially reduce construction costs, construction time and finish trade requirements. This production line method has achieved as much as 3,500 to 4,500 square feet of floor area construction daily. The ceilings and majority of interior walls are crafted by superior quality form-work to produce dimensionally accurate concrete that is ready to receive finishes. 

Reducing construction time and cost is the key challenge in the design of high-rise residential buildings. “Driving the Process” in a fast track commercial Design-Build environment utilizing residential contractors is the difference between lackluster results and financial success. It is a relentless drive to lower costs. Whether your future building is luxury for sale, affordable, rental or low income, we invite you to see how EDI is “Driving the Process”.

What makes tunnelform as effective as traditional methods?

  • Uses a traditional design approach
  • Accelerated project schedule
  • Reduces cost
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation

To learn more about tunnelform and how EDI is "Driving the Process", please download our brochure, or see our tunnelform portfolio.